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The science is very clear, we do not have any more time to waste. We need to take action now. Not only on biodiversity loss, but also on climate change which is a very interlinked issue. So that is what's at stake here;
it's actually the future of the planet and its people.

- B. F. Hooper (Head of International Advocacy, WWF)
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01the problem

We're running out of time

We are ren­der­ing the plan­et we call home unfit for human hab­it­a­tion. The time needed to fix the prob­lem is quickly run­ning out. Our spe­cies has lived on Earth for almost 300,000 years. But in the past 200 years, we have exploited Earth’s seem­ingly bound­less resources without ima­gin­ing how fra­gile and finite they might be.

We know that we need to mend our ways and take action to remedi­ate the dam­age we have done. Yet Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Goals, Par­is Cli­mate Accords, annu­al COP meet­ings, gov­ern­ment man­dates and the hero­ic efforts of NGOs around the world haven’t been able to stop the relent­less degrad­a­tion of our plan­et so far …

02the solution

A new approach to reclaiming Earth

Ato­pia isn’t going to save the plan­et” on its own. But by bund­ling the energy and com­mit­ment of com­munit­ies, busi­nesses, NGOs and gov­ern­ments across the globe, we want to make a very sub­stan­tial con­tri­bu­tion to reclaim­ing Earth.

We aim to become the world’s largest biod­iversity project!

And we’d like you to be part of it! By com­bin­ing tra­di­tion­al and new invest­ment strategies backed by block­chain, we will enable cit­izens, pro­fes­sion­al investors and com­pan­ies world­wide to invest in and profit from pro­tect­ing and restor­ing plan­et Earth. Invest­ing in nature pays back, on so many levels.

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Regenerating 2 million km² of land by 2030

Ato­pia aspires to acquire 2 mil­lion square kilo­metres of land in par­cels around the world by 2030. That’s roughly the size of Mex­ico or almost four times the size of France! We wel­come pro­pos­als of what land to pur­chase and how to regen­er­ate it from any­one, any­where. From turn­ing strip-mined moun­tains into eco-farms for loc­al use to repur­pos­ing decay­ing indus­tri­al prop­er­ties as forest land. 

We will also identi­fy land pro­act­ively, devel­op pro­ject sug­ges­tions and look for loc­al part­ners. These part­ners – people, busi­nesses, NGOs and gov­ern­ments – will repur­pose the land in an eco­lo­gic­ally and fin­an­cially sus­tain­able way. Each pro­ject will be driv­en and owned by people at the loc­al level, yet bene­fit from the glob­al con­nectiv­ity and inspir­a­tion of the Ato­pia network.

Got land to regenerate?

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Cutting-edge solution for sustainable investing

To fin­ance its land acquis­i­tions, Ato­pia will bundle the power of people and com­pan­ies all over the world by lever­aging fin­an­cing tech­no­logy backed by block­chain. Each investor, large or small, will obtain Ato­pia tokens (“ATokens”) registered on a block­chain and secured against the land held, par­ti­cip­at­ing in a glob­al pool. The ATokens rep­res­ent Ato­pia share fractions.

In addi­tion, Ato­pia will give (“air drop”) tokens to its loc­al part­ners for free, mak­ing them actu­al share­hold­ers. In the future, vest­ing options of ATokens will allow investors to make even more spe­cif­ic choices. ATokens give each investor real and trad­able value, annu­al dividends, as well as a say in Atopia’s decision-mak­ing process.

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We make investing in nature profitable

This is not char­ity. Ato­pia allows you to do well by doing good. We make invest­ing in biod­iversity and the nat­ur­al envir­on­ment a smart and prof­it­able decision for aver­age cit­izens, pro­fes­sion­al investors and com­pan­ies worldwide.

In addi­tion to rev­en­ue from ATokens, Ato­pia will gen­er­ate rev­en­ue from the sus­tain­able pro­jects launched on the land as well as from car­bon off­sets. Profits will be dis­trib­uted based upon the num­ber of ATokens or frac­tions of ATokens, held by each investor.

A transparent and democratic business model

To ensure that Ato­pia oper­ates on a trans­par­ent leg­al basis, it will be incor­por­ated as a decent­ral­ized autonom­ous organ­iz­a­tion (DAO) in Switzer­land. This makes it suit­able for both act­ive and pass­ive investors. DAOs are recog­nized as leg­al entit­ies by the Swiss gov­ern­ment. As they are often set up as glob­al struc­tures across coun­try bor­ders, they can­not be gov­erned or dis­solved by the jur­is­dic­tion of one single country. 

Decisions on land acquis­i­tions will be taken by the glob­al com­munity of AToken hold­ers by decent­ral­ized vot­ing. Every Ato­pia pro­ject will be required to meet strict sus­tain­ab­il­ity and busi­ness cri­ter­ia, provid­ing both eco­lo­gic­al bene­fits and a fin­an­cial return on invest­ment. Com­pli­ance with those cri­ter­ia will be sub­ject to strin­gent mon­it­or­ing, with intense com­munity involvement.

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Everyone has a stake in regenerating the planet

No one likes to feel power­less, even less so when their home is at stake. That’s why we empower people world­wide to invest in a bet­ter future for plan­et Earth. Every­one is invited to become part of Ato­pia, wheth­er as an investor by acquir­ing ATokens or by design­ing, own­ing and run­ning pro­jects on land ded­ic­ated by Atopia.

Atopia’s mod­el incentiv­izes col­lab­or­a­tion and engage­ment across the world. Yet the spe­cif­ic land ini­ti­at­ives are con­trolled and driv­en loc­ally, by the people who really care about the land and their future on the land.

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Atopia is a community of business professionals and visionaries with a common mission. Born in Belgium with global ambitions, Atopia has developed an innovative solution to the seemingly intractable biodiversity and sustainability challenges facing humankind. We are putting our ideas and our plans into action, and we’re inviting everyone around the world to join the movement.
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Investors, communities and NGO's. It's time to act.

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03Frequently asked questions

Got questions?

Ato­pia is a glob­al com­munity of cit­izens, com­pan­ies, gov­ern­ments and NGOs. It was foun­ded by a team of busi­ness pro­fes­sion­als and social entre­pren­eurs in Bel­gi­um in 2022. Thanks to its set-up as a DAO, people and busi­nesses world­wide can join Ato­pia in ful­filling its mis­sion: reclaim­ing and regen­er­at­ing 2,000,000 km² of land by 2030. The acquired land will be rewil­ded or ded­ic­ated to low-impact pro­jects such as eco­tour­ism, car­bon cap­tur­ing, biod­i­verse forestry or spe­cies pro­tec­tion. Any­one can par­ti­cip­ate by invest­ing or by design­ing, own­ing and run­ning pro­jects on land ded­ic­ated by Atopia.

Atopia’s prof­it­ab­il­ity mod­el is based on three prin­ciples. First, the value of Ato­pia land will gen­er­ally increase over time. Second, with the tight­en­ing of CO2 reg­u­la­tions, com­pan­ies are look­ing for ways to off­set their CO2 emis­sions else­where. By restor­ing and/​or refor­est­ing acquired land, Ato­pia will devel­op car­bon cap­ture pro­jects world­wide and gen­er­ate rev­en­ue by selling car­bon cred­its. Lastly, Ato­pia will devel­op prof­it­able, low-impact pro­jects on its land in col­lab­or­a­tion with loc­al part­ners (e.g. accom­mod­a­tion for ecotourism).

Land acquired by Ato­pia will be giv­en back to nature or developed into sus­tain­able pro­jects like eco­tour­ism and car­bon cap­ture. Land in Atopia’s port­fo­lio will nev­er be resold.

Ato­pia will devel­op a wide array of nature con­ser­va­tion and res­tor­a­tion pro­jects. These will include the pro­tec­tion of forests and oth­er valu­able nat­ur­al eco­sys­tems against prac­tices like intens­ive log­ging, urb­an devel­op­ment and build­ing pro­jects. Our res­tor­a­tion pro­jects will include, for example, rewild­ing aban­doned indus­tri­al prop­er­ties, restor­ing strip-mined moun­tain tops for eco-farm­ing and build­ing sus­tain­able lakeside cab­ins for eco­tour­ism. We wel­come ideas on sus­tain­able land use from any­one, anywhere.

The Ato­pia Token is a stable­coin and rep­res­ents a trade­able asset. It will have a mon­et­ary value, based on the total valu­ation of the land held in the Ato­pia port­fo­lio. An AToken also counts as a digit­al share in Ato­pia and can be used to par­ti­cip­ate in its governance.

No, ATokens do not give you imme­di­ate decision-mak­ing power in Ato­pia. As is the case in many DAO pro­jects, investors have to stake their token(s) to par­ti­cip­ate in the gov­ern­ment of Atopia.

Ato­pia will be set up as a DAO, short for Decent­ral­ized Autonom­ous Organ­iz­a­tion. DAOs are run entirely on the inter­net by a mem­ber com­munity, often across coun­try bor­ders, without a cent­ral gov­ern­ing author­ity. The found­a­tion­al rules of DAOs are defined through so-called smart con­tracts’. These rules are embed­ded in code and fully veri­fi­able by any (poten­tial) member. 

Once these smart con­tracts are live on the block­chain, the rules can­not be changed by any­one without mem­ber vot­ing. If any mem­ber attempts to do some­thing that’s not accord­ing to the rules of the smart con­tract, the action will auto­mat­ic­ally fail. New decisions and pro­pos­als (e.g. on budget alloc­a­tion) can also only be executed after receiv­ing a major­ity of mem­ber votes. This way, DAOs allow like-minded people all over the world to unite around a mutu­al cause in a secure, demo­crat­ized and trans­par­ent structure.

Invest­ing in Ato­pia is pos­sible even with a small invest­ment, by acquir­ing ATokens or frac­tions there­of. It is done in a simple way, using mod­ern tech­no­lo­gies that guar­an­tee trans­par­ency and cut admin­is­trat­ive costs. You choose how act­ively or pass­ively you want to be involved.

In the first phase, we will devel­op a min­im­um viable product (MVP). We will acquire one piece of land and devel­op it accord­ing to Atopia’s busi­ness mod­el. This way, we will test and solve any risks and gov­ernance prob­lems that might arise. 

The second phase will be a longer tri­al peri­od with a closed group of investors. We will acquire mul­tiple pieces of land under the Ato­pia busi­ness mod­el and build a proven track record for stake­hold­er returns. 

In the last phase, we will go pub­lic as a Decent­ral­ized Autonom­ous Organ­iz­a­tion (DAO). How­ever, investors will already be able to acquire ATokens before the pub­lic launch.

Ato­pia will be registered as an offi­cial Swiss company.

You can e‑mail us at info@​atopia.​com.

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